Test Questions

1. Where was the Augustinian monastery that Erasmus entered when he was 21 years old?
a. Rotterdam
b. Steyn
c. Basel
d. Venice

ANSWER: b. Steyn

2. Which of the following works is not one of Erasmus's?
a. The Old Testament
b. The Praise of Folly
c. Colloquia
d. The New Testament

ANSWER: a. The Old Testament

3. Erasmus's visit to __ became the turning point of his life in which Erasmus was introduced to humanists studying Scripture and their working toward reform of the Catholic Church.

ANSWER: England

4. How is Erasmus's New Testament significant to the Reformation?


The New Testament casted a new light on the the perception of religion and displayed the corruption of the Catholic Church. The New Testament was eventually translated into German by Martin Luther and English by William Tyndale. This allowed the content of the New Testament to be shared among the common people, spreading ideas and sparking the beginning of the Reformation.